ISO Standards for Quality Management

There are lots of companies working on the basis of ISO standardisation for quality management of their products and services but still not having proper information about what these standard means and what ISO itself refers to. ISO - the word is derived from the Greek word 'isos', which means equal; these standards were developed with the aim to standardise their procedures for global improvement of quality management systems. ISO is often confused with the International Organization for Standardization. This organisation governs and determines the various standards however, and its abbreviation is IOS rather than ISO.

Quality management standards provide a framework for a business to manage its processes and activities. To meet a quality management standard you need to set up systems to improve the key processes you use to provide your products and services - allowing you to deliver consistently on your promises. The standards that apply to quality management belong to the ISO 9000 set of standards. This includes the ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004. These standards include continuous improvement, and relate to procedures, protocols, guidelines and certification.

ISO 9000 standards are divided into a number of components:

ISO 9000 – this standard includes definitions and terminology that is used by the ISO 9001 standard, acting as a reference point when implementing ISO standards within an organisation.

ISO 9001 – this standard includes the actual requirements for certification or registration audits. Organizations make certain changes to ensure that standardization is achieved according to requirements.

ISO 9004 – this standard comprises a set of guidelines that can be used to develop and implement quality management systems within the workplace. This standard helps to achieve ISO Certification.

Procedure to achieve ISO Certification:

There are few requirements to achieve ISO certification as International Organization for Standardization does not certify company itself. Companies need to apply through accreditation bodies which will assess companies based on an extensive sample of its sites, functions, products, services, and processes.

There is a list of non-compliances and action requests are presented from audit body, and the company is needed to find out solution for such issues or an improvement plan is granted. When the company ensures total satisfaction according to requirement, they will be granted ISO certification.

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