ISO Standards for World’s Water Problems

Statistics shows that 150 million children a year die from water-borne diseases and near about 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Because of these problems, ISO stressed more than 18,000 international standards to address these challenges, including global unified solution. ISO through the development of drinking water services, contributes to water quality standards.

The 6th WWF (World Water Forum) will focus on ISO standards for the assessment, improvement, and management of service activities for drinking water and wastewater systems. Today, we can find ISO standards everywhere including business, agriculture, industries, even for food safety management, environmental safety management and quality management. The WWF gathers all issues related to water including current local, regional, and global, not only to address challenges but also to make water a high priority in government agendas in all countries.

ISO standards provide harmonized technology, terminology and best practices, so that countries sharing the same water resources can work together efficiently and effectively. They are powerful tools for sharing proven global solutions with all regions of the world. ISO Standards describes that qualitative and quantitative measurements are needed from time to time for constantly monitoring the quality of water from the various sources of supply.

ISO provides common guidelines to be followed by all industries and science-based organizations for the supply of purified water. They tackle issues like service management of drinking and wastewater systems, water supply during crisis situations, irrigation, quality and conservation of water.

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