Steps towards Quality Management System

This is a challenging as well as interesting task to implement quality management system in an organization. This is necessary for all size organizations to confirm product quality for achieving standardization. Quality management helps businesses in maintaining a high level of quality across the various procedures, processes and actions that are performed for continuous improvement.

There are basically three main phases for the establishment of quality management system in an organization:

  1. Development
  2. Implementation
  3. Management

Phase 1: Development

This phase focuses on businesses processes and steps include:

  • First determine the primary business activities of your business and role of each employee in fulfillment of those activities.
  • Next step is to focus on functions that how it works together in achievement of business goal.
  • Update business processes with time so that it will helpful in defining the sequence of activities in system documentation.
  • Identify the need of ISO standards and how it can be applicable on each business activity.

Phase 2: Implementation

This phase as the name defines consists of implementation of quality management system and the steps include:

  • Include employees with their list of primary activities within the company.
  • Assemble their business activities into processes which are relevant to business.
  • Identify your overall business policy and objectives and determine documentation is in accordance with these policies and objectives.
  • Identify ISO standard and how it can be applied to your business processes.
  • Ensure that all documentation relating to each employee’s activities is accessible to them with the help of document control software.
  • Ensure that the system is simple, functional and appropriate to business operations.
  • It is require conducting internal audit on regular bases for ensuring that system is supported throughout the organization.

Phase 3: Maintenance

This phase having objective to maintain quality management system and steps include:

  • Note potential areas of concern from corrective action activities and audits to gather information and note trends.
  • Track overall response from the implementation phase to recognize improvement strategies and ideas.
  • Monitor and measure all changes that have been made in order to track results.
  • Identify the use and duration of resources and spending on activity or service delivery.
  • Track mistakes and their cost to identify areas for cost-saving within the system.

These three phases will be helpful in maintaining quality management system within organization and helpful in achieving good return on investment with improved strategies.

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