Main Reasons to have written Quality Procedures

There are several benefits from implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in organization including:

  • Reducing Risk
  • Better return on Investment
  • Marketing of business
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance
  • Ensuring quality products to customers
  • Ensuring that business is moving towards growth

The term "quality procedure" refers to the approach and operational activities in organization used to achieve the goals set by the quality policy. Whereas quality policy is the general directives and goals in terms of quality that are laid out by a company's management and formalized in a written document.

One of the main principal of ISO 9001 defines that "say what you do" and "do what you say" which means first we have to decide what to perform and then perform it. The purpose of written procedures or instruction is very simple to address the daily task of employees. The explanation is very simple when defining a working procedure we define a frame. This frame defines what has to be done and leave much less possibilities for nonconformities and faults.

Benefits of written Quality Procedures:

  • Preserving and conveying valuable knowledge.
  • Reducing the time organization need to train employees.
  • Easily simplify the task and what is important.
  • Improving the consistency of process results.
  • Helpful in decreasing process error chances.
  • It is helpful in establishing a foundation for company's growth.

Quality procedures includes quality manual, procedure for the control of documents, procedure for the control of records, procedure for the performance of internal audits and procedure for the control of nonconformity.

It is concluded that company's growth is very well depends on written quality procedures because it defines all the instruction of performing task easily.

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