Improve Performance Management with new version of ISO 9001

A quality management system helps businesses to manage business processes effectively. It is much more than set of rules and procedures defines under ISO 9001 standard. When properly implemented and maintained, a QMS addresses the needs of your organization and delivers tangible business benefits.

The new version of ISO 9001 has recently been introduced. One of the main aims of ISO 9001 is to facilitate integration with other standards. Although there are no new procedures are introduced but some key clarifications are taken into account. There are three main objectives of new published ISO 9001 which includes detail, clarify and improve the understanding of ISO 9001:2000 (previous version).

There are no new requirement is added in this new standard even title, scope and structure of the standard are unchanged. The process approach is confirmed and compatibility with latest revision of ISO 14001:2004 is maintained. All the changes are small. They consist mostly of changes of wording (clarifications / modifications to words or phrases) and a few extra notes or examples. The intent is to make the meaning of a requirement clearer, to improve compatibility with ISO 14001 and/or assist translation to other languages.

The main changes are the following:

  • Reinforcement of control over outsourced processes that affect product conformity to requirements
  • Management representative has to be a member of the certified organization and not an external individual
  • Competence is much more a key issue in the new standard as it specifies that the competence of personnel affecting the performance of conformity to product requirements must be controlled by the organization.

As the changes to the standard are very minor, there will be little impact on your audits and this will not require any additional auditing time.

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