Main Causes of Project Management Failures

Project management plays a vital role in establishing quality management system in an organization. It builds in regular assessments of strategic viability as part of the project plan. There are many challenges occurs while planning and managing project’s quality, schedule or budget.

Reasons of Project Management not confirmed:

  • Late Submissions
  • Errors, omissions or just poor assumption
  • Rework
  • Unauthorized changes to project’s schedule or plan
  • Cost overruns

Root Causes of Project Failures:

  1. Communication problems: Project management is all about good communication. You have to keep informed everyone about requirement, changes, standards, budget, assumptions, costs and schedule. So for project success, it is needed to communicate time to time about the updated information with each employee.
  2. Weak Requirements Definitions: For successful completion of project, it is necessary to know about each and every requirement of project. If we are ensuring about easy to use software then at least have an objective measure for our testing.
  3. Poor Schedule or Resource Management: It is required to manage schedule and resources carefully because time lapses are major cause for project failures.
  4. Inadequate planning: Project management requires a proper planning including assumptions, risks and resources to ensure project success. In project management, a little mistake can make a reason for project failure. So, adequate planning is basic requirement.
  5. Use of Unproven Methods: Using an unknown method or one which is not familiar can create a big risk for project failure. It is better to try methods that are very well known to ensure quality management.
  6. Multitasking Resources: Multitasking introduces complexity and schedule risk which can impact on all projects whether less or more.
  7. Ineffective Quality Controls: Quality control involves checks and balances to ensure that deliverables are being met. In the absence of quality control, it is impossible to track the reasons for non-conformance of project management.
  8. Supply Chain Failures: It is impossible to determine whether the contractor has the right skill set for the project, and many contractors multitask, which further adds risk. Ensure that there are clearly defined requirements agreed upon when outsourcing assistance.
  9. Poor Impact Analysis: It happens sometime that with change in requirement project will be change what is was expecting to be. So, impact analysis is essential along with clarifying primary requirements.
  10. Lack of Qualified Resources: It is defined as giving the wrong task to the wrong person can have a major impact on your project, which often happens when there are insufficient qualified resources.

Many common reasons for project failure can be prevented by careful planning and clear approval processes. If however the project does run over time, over budget or does not deliver the promised benefits a post implementation review can provide information that can be used to improve project performance in the future.

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