ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Standard Launch

The introduction of the new international standard, ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems will see our industry transition from ad-hoc or narrow focus on individual 'greening' elements of an event, to a comprehensive and systematic approach to embedding sustainability into our event planning cycle. ISO 20121 has been in development for a couple of years now and is about to go out as a draft international standard for public comment.

Once it's launched, what does that mean for your event? If you're currently addressing some sustainability issues, implementing the standard sets you up to have the systems, skills and requirements to facilitate successful and comprehensive management of sustainable development issues associated with your event. It is likely the standard will quickly become minimum must-take for events if publically funded or for events funded by corporations who have constituents they need report CSR performance to. It is also likely to become common practice across the entire event industry over time.

How does the standard work?

ISO 20121 follows the tried and tested plan-do-check-act methodology that has been successfully used by thousands of organizations around the world to improve their quality, sustainability and health and safety.

The standard covers every aspect of running a sustainable event, including leadership, planning, communications, supply chain management and measuring performance. It also includes guidance and information to help you implement the standard effectively.

Benefits of using ISO 20121

  • Efficiency across all aspects of event planning can be achieved
  • It demonstrates a systematic approach to sustainable development principles
  • Puts you on the front foot for any future compliance issues or requests as part of an RFP
  • It makes tracking and recording your sustainable performance consistent and much easier
  • The supply chain will inevitably become more sustainable for our industry and others

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