Responsibility of Management in an ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System

It is obvious that without management, quality systems management in an organization is not possible. There are certain aspects which are required under section 5 of the ISO9001:2000 standard and include:

  • Top management of organization must be able to provide commitments to maintain ISO quality management system and its continual improvement. It is the responsibility of Top management to make sure that organization consider customer requirements most important, as well as any applicable government regulatory requirements.
  • Different industries may have their own terminology, but the standard is written using universal, generic terms. Whether an organization is fabricating, assembling, manufacturing, arranging, consulting, or providing services, it will benefit from the implementation of the QMS requirements contained in this standard to corporate quality management. The 2000 version of ISO 9001 is written to be more user-friendly to small businesses and service organizations and yet to remain useful to large manufacturing organizations. The standard's generic controls and terminology allow it to be used by all organizations; it is not specific to any one particular organization.
  • In all cases where ISO 9001:2000 was adopted by an organization, the QMS must be customized to fit organization needs. ISO 9001 certificate ensures that organization is working on the basis of quality management system.
  • Top management must conduct periodic management project quality management reviews. That is, management must review the quality system by implementing quality assurance plan and make changes if necessary. And, of course, organization has to be able to show evidence of management reviews, so records are necessary. Top management also follows strategic management process which ensures that adequate resources are available to people within the organization.

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