ISO 15489: Records Management Standard

The International Standard on Records Management ISO 15489, provides guidance on creating records policies, procedures, systems and processes to support the management of records in all formats. It is widely used internationally in both private and public sector organizations.

The Standard was designed to meet the ongoing need for efficient and cost effective best practice recordkeeping in a business environment. It is also used as the basis for other practical guidelines and specifications.

The standard is divided into two parts:

ISO 15489-1:2001 Information and documentation – Records Management – Part 1: General

Part 1 gives a high level framework for recordkeeping and specifically outlines:

  • The benefits of good records management
  • Legal considerations
  • The importance of assigning roles and responsibilities for records management
  • The fundamental principles of a records management program
  • Design of recordkeeping systems
  • Records management processes
  • Auditing and training

ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 Information and documentation – Records Management – Part 2: Guidelines

Part 2 is a guide to putting Part 1 into practice. It includes:

  • Additional guidance on records management policies and the responsibilities to be defined and assigned
  • Further explanation for developing recordkeeping systems
  • Practical advice on the development of records processes and controls to manage records
  • Records management training in the organization

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