What is Social Audit?

Social audit refers to the steps that are taken to ensure that the work done by the government is actually benefiting the people whom it is intended to benefit. It is based on the principle that the local governance should be carried out, as much as possible, with the consent and in complete understanding of the requirements of the people concerned.

Social Audit is a tool with which government departments can plan, manage and measure non‐financial activities and monitor both internal and external consequences of the department/organization’s social and commercial operations. The purpose of conducting Social Audit is not to find fault with the individual functionaries but to assess the performance in terms of social, environmental and community goals of the organization.

Social auditor performs their task according to international standards and the SA8000 recognized standard. If organization fulfills the requirement of international standard SA 8000 then it assures that organization is socially compliant, more responsible and more trustable.

What is to be checked during a Social Audit?

  • Child labor,
  • Forced labor.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Freedom of association and right to bargain.
  • Discrimination.
  • Disciplinary practices.
  • Working hours and Environment.
  • Compensation.
  • Management Systems.

Following a social audit, auditor issues a Corrective Action Plan, explaining the required improvements and corresponding timetable to the organization.

Objectives of Social Audit are:

  • Accurate identification of requirements
  • Prioritization of developmental activities as per requirements
  • Proper utilization of funds
  • Conformity of the developmental activity with the stated goals
  • Quality of service

Benefits of Social Audit are:

  • Involvement of people in developmental activities ensures that money is spent where it is actually needed.
  • Reduction of wastages.
  • Reduction in corruption.
  • Awareness among people.
  • Promotes integrity and a sense of community among people.
  • Improves the standard of governance.

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