ISO 39001 - Road Traffic Safety Management Systems Standard

ISO 39001, new ISO standard proved its emerging role as management systems standard for road traffic safety. The development of ISO 39001 is very timely. It presents both opportunities and challenges. The opportunities relate to the emphasis being given to the systematic management of road safety results. The core elements of a road safety management system are the same for any entity and relate to its goal and the organizational functions and measures delivered to achieve this goal.

ISO 39001 requires organization to:

  • Understand how it can influence road safety
  • Establish top management leadership and commitment
  • Determine its policy and communicate it
  • Consider factors that improve road safety in a known way
  • Establish objectives and plans
  • Resource plans, and support through management functions
  • Measure and continually improve performance

Requirements related to RTS (Road Traffic Safety)

The organization shall determine:

  • Requirements specified by other interested parties
  • Requirements not stated by other interested parties, but necessary for specified product(s) or service(s), where known
  • Any additional requirements where appropriate

The organization shall ensure that these other requirements to which the organization subscribes are taken into account in establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving its RTS management system, where applicable.

However, the challenges concern the tailoring of the tools to meet the differing levels of organizational complexity across the broad road safety partnership evident within any particular country. ISO 39001 should provide the impetus for small and large organizational entities to systematically improve their safety performance, providing its functionality is user-friendly and adaptable to the different scales of organizational structures and resources encountered.

The Standard can therefore equally apply to government agencies leading a country's road safety efforts, to private corporations, large and small firms, and other public and community entities. It does not specify any specific technical solution or minimum requirements, and is flexible and adaptable to the needs and resources of each specific organization.

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