5S for Housekeeping

5S is a systematic approach to good housekeeping. It is gaining strong support in most progressive industries in India today, and there are an increasing number of companies, which are implementing 5S with greater involvement of people within the organization.

5S is a concept that helps develop and sustain a clean, safe, orderly and disciplined workplace. It is an effective tool aimed at achieving efficiency and quality by focusing on the physical work environment. The 5S philosophy focuses on effective workplace organization and standardized work procedures thus reduces waste or non-value adding activities.

5S stands for:

  • S1=Seiri=Sort=Clear up
  • S2=Seiton=Systematize=Keep in good order
  • S3=Seiso=Clean=Clean up
  • S4=Seiketsu=Standardize=Maintain
  • S5=Shitsuke=Self-discipline=Let behave

Benefits of 5S:

General benefits of 5S

  • Less spending on replacing lost or damaged items
  • Less stress
  • Greater self-esteem
  • More space
  • Greater efficiency in achieving goals
  • Greater readiness for new tasks
  • Fewer hazards

5S standardize requirements:

  1. Product waste (e.g. shavings, containers, liquids, wrappers, etc.) is consistently and often cleaned up and removed from the workplace.
  2. Preventive measures have been implemented to ensure the workplace meets 6S guidelines (e.g. systems that do not allow waste to accumulate such as containers to collect product debris from machines).
  3. The results of the previous audit are posted and clearly visible to the entire team.
  4. Areas for improvement identified during the previous audit have been completed.
  5. Tools, equipment, paperwork, furniture, etc. are stored neatly in designated areas and are returned immediately after each use.
  6. Documents are labeled clearly as to contents and responsibility for control and revision. The date and revision number are clearly visible.
  7. Equipment maintenance records are visible and clearly state when maintenance last occurred and when next maintenance is scheduled.

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