ISO 3834: Standard for Welding Operations

This standard is designed to allow welding fabricators to demonstrate compliance with ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials. The ISO 3834 certification scheme focuses specifically on the company's welding activities and such certification can stand alongside an existing ISO 9001 certification or it can stand alone.

The benefits for certificated companies are:

  • Clear, high profile independent verification of compliance with EN ISO 3834
  • Independent confirmation of competence for its welding and fabricating capabilities and staff in a defined scope of activity
  • Welding quality management and fabrication capability assessments carried out by specialist assessors
  • Increased national and international business potential through demonstrated compliance with internationally recognized welding quality requirements

The basic standard that regulates the quality of fusion welding of metallic materials and welding-related operations is an authoritative statement of commercial relevance to your business. It is an international standard created by welding professionals. ISO 9001 provides the requirements for a quality management system; it does not establish requirements for products. ISO 3834 on the other hand, does provide the quality requirements for a welded product. It specifies requirements relating only to the quality of the welded product.

What are the benefits of specifying the ISO 3834 Standard for the purchaser & specifier?

  • More assurance of contract delivery dates
  • Greater assurance of the quality of welded products
  • Greater reliability and performance of plant
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction or elimination of third party inspection costs
  • More competent suppliers of welded products

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