Continual Improvement of Organizational Structure

Continuous Improvement Process is a means by which an organization creates and sustains a culture of continuous improvement. A culture of continuous improvement is necessary to enhance productivity and free up the capacity that will provide manufacturers a stable foundation to pursue innovation and growth. Continuous improvement is a series of actions taken to identify, analyze and improve existing processes within an organization to meet new goals and objectives.

Continuous improvement processes feature a systems approach to improving the work flow in an organization. Typical phases of the model include an analysis phase to identify specific problems. During this phase, teams conduct brainstorming sessions and interviews to gather relevant information. It refers to ongoing efforts to improve business processes. In truth, most business process management efforts are constant works in progress. But continuous process improvement is a formal, ongoing approach to improving processes. Processes are constantly evaluated, often based on employee and customer feedback, and then adapted as needed to meet organization goals.

Process focus: Effective processes and systems are needed in order to provide quality service time and time again. This principle stresses understanding and managing the way work is done in order to improve. It involves looking critically at how work actually gets done, the way various jobs relate and their results.

Use of appropriate data: Data allows the assessment of a given situation or service. It allows quality and effectiveness to be evaluated and demonstrated. The key point is to ensure the right data is collected and it is used to guide and evaluate improvement efforts.

Involvement of staff: This principle recognizes the vital nature of staff and their contribution to the home. Their input and involvement is essential in order to get the best results from the service and any improvement activity. There is also emphasis on ongoing staff development education to enable continual improvement.

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