ISO 10002 Standard: Customer Complaints Handling Management

ISO 10002 standard, the international standard for customer satisfaction. It provides you with guidelines for putting in place your own complaints management system helping you to identify complaints, their cause and how to eliminate them. ISO 10002 will also allow you to identify areas in your business where you can improve and eventually remove the cause of complaints.

ISO 10002 standard helps in achieving operational efficiency to identify trends and causes of complaints, improve overall efficiency, monitoring and continually improve your complaints handling process, and implementing ISO 10002 customer complaints management. There are many reasons to work with us to introduce and implement customer complaints management. Regardless of the size of your business, the way you manage customer complaints has an equally important role to play in setting and meeting customer expectations. Establish an ISO 10002 system that not only enhances your reputation, but also allows you to keep improving, growing and winning new customers.

Handling of complaints through a process as described in ISO 10002 standard can enhance customer satisfaction.

  • ISO 10002 standard provides a complainant with access to an open and responsive complaints-handling process. It enhances the ability of the organization to resolve complaints in a consistent, systematic and responsive manner, to the satisfaction of the complainant and the organization, and enhance the ability of an organization to identify trends and eliminate causes of complaints, and improve the organization's operations.
  • ISO 10002 standard helps an organization create a customer-focused approach to resolving complaints, and encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers, and provides a basis for continual review and analysis of the complaints-handling process, the resolution of complaints, and process improvements made.

Organizations may wish to use the complaints-handling process in conjunction with customer satisfaction codes of conduct and external dispute resolution processes. ISO 10002 is relevant to any organization that wishes to exceed customer expectations, a basic requirement for businesses of all types and sizes, whether they're in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

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