ISO 50001 EMS and Sustainability

ISO 50001 energy management system improves performance, efficiency by using less energy. ISO 50001 energy management helps you to cut your energy consumption and it is also great for business and the environment. ISO 50001 is the energy management system standard for improving energy performance. It demonstrates an organization's commitment to improving its energy efficiency and its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ISO 50001 energy management standard can help any organization that wants to improve the control it has over its energy use. Implementing ISO 50001 is a simple way to reduce operating costs; it is also an excellent way to contribute to your business' overall sustainability plan. No truly successful environmental sustainability plan is complete without a thorough energy consumption reduction element, including the introduction of environmental and energy key performance indicators. ISO 50001 will help you best plan for maximizing your renewable energy sources or finding more energy-efficient equipment to complete the same tasks. By using ISO 50001 will give you concrete energy usage data that makes for great sustainability report material and is useful during the decision-making process.

Benefits of EMS:

  • ISO 50001 will help you to improve energy performance and reduce energy costs by understanding how energy is used within the organization.
  • It helps to improve staff awareness and communication on energy management.
  • It creates a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain.
  • It reduces the environmental impacts while improving operational efficiencies, decreasing energy intensity.
  • ISO 5001 helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  • It implements a systematic approach to energy management and maintains competitive advantage.

ISO 50001 standard has a dramatic effect on your air emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. You can use it to reduce your overall energy usage or switch to more renewable sources. ISO 50001 standard also helps you manage the energy consumption related to your entire supply chain. Creating a more sustainable supply chain is one of the most efficient ways of transforming your business into a more sustainable enterprise.


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Thanks for the sharing information about ISO 50001 EMS and Sustainability. Your blog is very helpful Energy management system. What do you think about newly released ISO 50001 Standard Certification.

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