ISO 14001: Difference between Environmental Impact and Aspect Assessment

An ISO 14001 Environmental management system (EMS), requirements with guidance for use is an internationally recognized standard for the development of an effective EMS. The ISO 14001 EMS standard specifies a process for the control and the continuous improvement of an organization's environmental performance. The standard develops a strategic approach to an organization's environmental policy, plans and actions.

Impact - The effect of the aspect on the environment - harmful or beneficial.

Example: Impact: Tree population is maintained and all benefits of trees are sustained.

ISO 14001 is to accurately determine the organization's Environmental Aspects and Impacts arrive at which are the most significant and therefore require the most attention.

Environmental Aspect - Element of an organization's activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.

Environmental Impact - Any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization's activities, products or services.

The environmental aspects and impacts of your metal finishing operations can be identified, prioritized, and documented in several ways. This process is important because high-priority environmental aspects and impacts will be considered when environmental objectives and targets are established. The organization shall identify the specific environmental aspects that can be controlled, and over which it can be expected to have influence. The simple approach here is to include only those aspects over which the organization has total control. An organization that produces a product that is utilized by another organization might take the position that it cannot control the final disposal of that product. However, the producing organization might be evaluated for conformance with ISO 14001 based upon whether it had employed life cycle analysis in the design and production of the product. ISO 14001 certification purpose is a management commitment to pollution prevention, and understanding of the environmental impacts of an organization's activities.


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Thanks for the information about ISO 14001: Difference between Environmental Impact and Aspect Assessment. If you will post more about ISO 14001 documents and procedures to follow while implementation of iso 14001 environmental system, it would be more effective.
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Thank you for making the effort and spreading this information with us.
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