Product quality improvements

ISO 20000 Standard helps organization in improving product quality with managing quality management system. This standard facilitates improvement in efficiency, reliability and consistency of product.

Improve business effectiveness

ISO 20000 Standard helps to improve service management system which in turns reflects business effectiveness. It provides ways to implement changes faster.

Services improvement

ISO 20000 Standard helps to improve the design, transition and delivery of services which improves service management.

ISO/IEC 20000

ISO/IEC 20000 (often referred to as just ISO 20000) is the international IT Service Management standard that enables IT organisations (whether in-house, outsourced or external) to ensure that their IT service management processes are aligned both with the needs of the business and with international best practice. It is based on, and replaces, BS15000, which has now been withdrawn.

ISO/IEC 20000 helps organisations benchmark how they deliver managed services, measure service levels and assess their performance. It is broadly aligned with, and draws strongly on, ITIL.

Benefits of ISO 20000

ISO 20000 can assist your organisation in benchmarking its IT service management, improving its services, demonstrating an ability to meet customer requirements and create a framework for an independent assessment.

These are some of the most common uses of ISO 20000 by organisations:

  • An organisation seeking services from service providers and requiring assurance that their service requirements will be fulfilled.
  • An organisation that requires a consistent approach by all its service providers, including those in a supply chain.
  • A service provider that intends to demonstrate its capability for the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services that fulfil service requirements.
  • A service provider to monitor, measure and review its service management processes and services.
  • A service provider to improve the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services through the effective implementation and operation of the Service Management System (SMS).
  • An assessor or auditor as the criteria for a conformity assessment of a service provider's SMS to the requirements in ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

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