Design Records

The purpose of PPAP is to determine if all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier. It provides complete record for maintaining quality and design.

Reduce waste

PPAP is required so that the end customer can expect a part that is defect free. It reduces the risk of unexpected failure due to errors in design and manufacture. It ensures that the waste is as less as possible.

Improve quality of products

PPAP has become a standard in project quality management to improve the efficiency and the quality of production. It reduces the chances of failure and minimizes waste which results in improved quality.

Production Part Approval Process

PPAP has become a standard in project quality management to nail down the efficiency and the quality for an industry that deals in part production. On this date several of the industries desire their part providers to bring into play Production Part Approval Process, which comes under the scope of quality assurance plan. PPAP is culmination of APQP requirements and also it is a mandatory requirement for TS 16949 automotive quality system. The chief purpose of PPAP can be summarized in the following points:

  1. It gives the solid evidence that the manufacturing organization properly understands and has a clear idea of the requirements specification as well as the customer engineering design record.
  2. It authenticates that the process implied is potent enough and is capable to produce product consistently.
  3. It thus meets the requirements at the run of the production cycle and satisfies the quoted production rate.

The boon of adapting to PPAP comes with the effective audits that include the measurement of performance. It is a very effective way to monitor financial circumspection. In addition to this, analysis on various things like investments, returns, business case analysis, etc; also prior to the part production in mass, production tooling analysis is done. PPAP is required so that the end customer can expect a part that is defect free. As process testing reports are generated with every product, even with the bulk order the customer is ensured that his expectations are met. In automotive standard, it is the customer who decides the PPAP level.

PPAP training can be complied as one or you can have it as a part of training within APQP training course. Training on Production Part Approval Process can be with the aid of Productivity Management Group, experts in ISO consulting, Project quality management and training courses. We have a sound experience in training several of the organizations for different quality standards and processes. Having serviced by us you can implement PPAP in your company and ensure consistent production, better process and quality product.

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