Recognize and analyze problems

Problem Solving Tools help in analyzing the problems and finally solutions are provided to avoid the defects in future. These tools easily identify the types of structured problem solving techniques.

Meet business goals

These tools help in redefining the problem to determine goals. It shapes the way to identify alternatives, set criteria for choosing among alternatives, and finally select the solution that ensures that the goals are met.

Solve problems quickly

Problem Solving Tools help in identifying problem at early stages and provide solution for that quickly. It prepares control plan to ensure improvements hold while implementing monitoring of key variables.

Problem Solving

In this competitive world, for an organization to sustain, quality management is of the highest priority. Several Problem Solving Tools are now available for your organization to adapt, which can very effectively improve the process and also help in raising the quality standards. Several companies use different methods of problem solving like 8D, DMAIC, etc. Seven Basic Tools of Quality also known as Seven QC tools are the most preferred and highly employed Tools on the present date. These are the statistical tools, said to be introduced by Japan, which can solve the common problems in any organization. These Problem Solving tools are very easy to understand, as graphical representation techniques are engaged. With a little formal training in statistics, can help a person understand it and can easily be introduced in the management system. Though these are much simple tools, but the impact is amazing as these 7 QC tools can solve the majority of the quality issues. The working of these tools can be explained as: first, the process is analyzed as per which the problems are identified and finally solutions are provided to avoid the defects in future.

7 QC Tools involves the following:

  1. Cause & Effect Diagram (also known as fishbone or Ishikawa diagram)
  2. Pareto Chart
  3. Check Sheets
  4. Control Charts
  5. Histogram
  6. Scatter Diagrams
  7. Stratification (also called flow chart or run chart)

By incorporating Seven QC tools an organization develops a culture which employs planning, identifying problems and omissions, prioritizing tasks, and thinking systematically.

PMG-India has a vast experience in these quality processes. We are the leading management consultancy who has helped world class industries in inducing Problem Solving Tools in their company. We can provide our services and help you introduce 7 QC Tools in your organization. We offer programs like training course on various aspects of management, some of which are Six Sigma, SPC, MSA, FMEA, Control Plan, 5S Implementation and Problem Solving.

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