Increases product consistency

Statistical Process Control is a method of monitoring processes and process variation. The purpose is to identify causes for process variations and resolve them which help to increase product consistency.

Improve product quality

SPC is a method of controlling the quality of the products while they are being produced. It ensures that quality should be an executive priority and the organization should move towards a culture of continuous improvement.

Decreases scrap and rework defects

Statistical Process Control monitors processes and process variables may include rework, scrap, inconsistent raw materials and downtime on equipment. It provides an overview to decrease scrap.


Statistical Process Control is a methodology implied in monitoring and control of a process. It enables the process to operate at its full potential resulting into the production of conforming product of the expected quality. SPC focuses on examination of process and is inclined towards pointing out the sources of variations in the process. Variations, which are the chief cause of degradation in quality of the end product can be detected and corrected. Process is brought under statistical control and variations are reduced by identifying special causes of variations. Here problems and defects can be identified early in the process which enables reduction of waste and effort over the resources meant for inspection, detection and correction of the problems. It also identifies bottlenecks, wait times, and other sources of delay in the process which ultimately leads to before time completion of the production cycle. Key tools in SPC are control charts, having a focus on continuous improvement and designed experiments.

There are three major activities in Statistical Process Control which are as follows:

  1. Understanding the process
  2. Understanding the causes of variation
  3. Elimination of the sources of special cause variation.

Advantages bundled with Statistical Process Control are:

  • Standards can be maintained without any inspections and each step regulation.
  • Can be implemented on varied environments (Although it is mostly used by automotive sector)
  • Statistical analysis of the process remains consistent.
  • It has a series of steps designed to produce a repeated and consistent result.

There are several of the management consultants who have programs on SCP. You can implement SCP in your company by taking the aid of PMG-India, as we are well known all around the globe for our services, quality management, ISO consulting and training courses that we offer. We’ll help you understand your process in-depth, pick the causes of variations and support elimination of special cause variations.

Process Improvement and Variation Reduction with Statistical Process Control

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